We left yesterday as planned, August 8th and headed South and eventually to Utah.  I left Kay in Tehachapi  to spend some time with her daughter and grand kids while I went on to Barstow to visit my mom and brother. I returned to Tehachapi for a few days to not only pick up Kay but to spend some time with the kids and grand kids.  Here is Moose during football practice.

Play Action!
Play Action!
9 Year old QB

On the 14th we headed out on the 400 mile stretch to Panguitch.  Just West of Las Vegas is controversial  and massive new solar plant, sprawling over 1,670 acres , Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project is covered with more than 10,000 mirrors, each the size of a small house, that track the sun throughout the day and focus it on a receiver filled with molten salt. The salt, heated to almost 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, stores the energy as heat, so it’s always ready when it’s needed, night or day.

Here from interstate 5 you can see 2 of the 3 huge towers of the Crescent Dune power plant.

Once we arrived at my brothers place in Utah it was not long before we jumped into the Polaris RZR’s for a quick ride and basically an introduction for me on driving off road as it has been many years since I have done so.  We also took the fishing boat over to Otter Creek reservoir and put it into a slip so we can fish on the days we are not riding the RZR’s in the beautiful mountains of southern Utah.

Our 1st trip

Thanks to Craig’s daughter and son-in-law (Sean & Brandee) who loaned me their RZR for the time we are in Utah so the 4 of us had two RZR’s, Craig, Deb and Charlie (dog) in one and Kay, Mic (dog) and I in the other.  Looking forward to a really cool time up here.20160816_112144

So many beautiful rides just starting from our driveway.  Different ride each day or a day on the water fishing.  It was not long before we needed to take a day off and just relax.



Every ride has it’s special spots This was the first big trip to Circlevale. The one I had a flat on.
20160816_140453 (1)
2 miles from our lunch stop and we had to mess with the flat.



Taking a beer break at 9200′ elevation
I followed Craig and Deb
Kay and I at one of the beer breaks
Craig and Debs dog, “Charli”
During a short ride break we found this little creature, a baby Horny Toad.
In between rides we did a little work on the garage to keep “Charli” in
a short drive the next day over looking Panguitch
So much Antelope in all the hills around


Cool tree

First day fishing. We tried trolling but had little luck. We had the lake to ourselves……
Within 2 hours we would be chased off the lake due to storms
The first day we trolled and had little luck. Today we sat in boat and bait fished. Just for fun we put out 4 rods and in minutes they all started to “rock”. We went from pole to pole bringing in fish, broke three lines and within about 1.5 hours had our fish. We had to get off the lake due to the “Monsoon” type storms that hit this area almost every afternoon.


The next day the 4 of us went for a drive to Marysvale to a really cute restaurant. The food was great atmosphere was awesome.

Our next big trip which we planned to do when no afternoon storms were expected was to what they call the Pink Cliffs, just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park.. This was an all day trip, 98 miles on Razors across mountains and valleys. This is our first stop in a large meadow. Total ascent and decent (according to my Garmin) was over 9,000 feet.
Dogs taking advantage of the break and exercising their legs.
A few road blocks along the way.


Our next stop was up on mountain top ridge. We parked along side the dirt trail and hiked up about 20 ft. and looked down at the following pictures, unbelievable! Pictures do not do it justice. This is the outskirts of Bryce Canyon National Park.
On the “Edge”


Actually it was quite warm but chilly on the ride
Within 2 hours we will be looking up from way down in the valley
We had lunch up on the ridge but half way through, we noticed a big black cloud. We started to hurry and eventually got soaked before we could get off the mountain.
Note the round hole in the rock.

20160824_112702 20160824_112651 20160824_112504

20160824_112224 20160824_112130

Looking up to where we had lunch


It can rain very hard very quickly and 100 yards away, your in the sun shine.
The rain came very hard and actually hurt when it hit us.
After trying to outrun the thunderstorm we took a short break before we had to get on the run again to escape the rain.
During a break we noticed a tag attached to the tree. It stated “Wildlife Tree” Do Not Destroy.
Other than being a beautiful tree, it did not seem all that special.
The next day we got on the lake late morning and fished about 30 minutes before the below storm came in and we had to get off the lake. Not bad fishing trip for 30 minutes, the middle one is about 3 lbs.


This is the storm as we headed out. this is over looking Panguitch. The funnel began……
Then went away……….
Then came back again……..
And was quite awesome……….
Took a ride up to Panguitch Lake for lunch. Some really cool old buildings. I would love to have some of the wood!
Screen shot of my phone of the weather which we encountered. Note Panguitch is in the middle of the storm.
And so much lightening and thunder…….really cool storms, you just have to plan your day accordingly
We sit out in the garage and enjoy the hard rain, lightening and rolling thunder.
This is the old Mormon Church which my parents purchased 30 some years ago. My brother now owns it and in the bottom is a full house which has room for many many people.

After two weeks having so much fun with my brother and his wife we left on August 29 and headed over to Zion National Park.  We will explore there for a few days and then head down to Lake Powell and explore there for while.


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