September in Utah

Well I know it has been some time since I updated the blog but better late than never.

Kay holding on tightly as we approach Panquitch.
and as is normal this time of year are the fantastic monsoons
Otter Creek and a beautiful day with my bro, Craig
The weather and fishing were great.
The dogs relaxing after having a long day of doing just that, relaxing.
Beautiful views all around Panquitch
Day trip to Kodachrome Basin

and the afternoon monsoons arrive just in time
One of two campgrounds in the Basin
Chimney Rock at the park, note Kay at the bottom right

Down the road from the park is an old drive in movie theater with old restored cars sitting in the viewing area.
You can rent a strategically located Air stream RV for a view of the nightly movies.
After close up look of the screen it is in really good shape so they must actually use it
The projector house
A piece of art at the local tourist center
Another cool trip we took, 60 miles for a cup of coffee at the famous KibaKoffeeHouse
Panoramic view, the picture does not do it justice

The Koffee House sits on a cliff, overlooking a huge valley

Deb, Craig and Kay enjoying the view and of course the Koffee (as they spell it)
Back at home, the dogs are ready for their next ride.
We did lots of fishing and it was excellent. One day three of us caught 19 fish in less than an hour. We trolled and most the fish are a good size. The only thing is that they have a parasite due to the extra warm temperature and should not be eaten. We learned that after this first catch.
Craig and his grandson, Kyle

After a tough day we enjoy a good glass of port
Mickey waiting for the ride
Helping a fisherman who broke down. We say him oaring the boat with two lines trolling and at first thought was he was just exercising while fishing
The weather was actually to nice, we missed much of the monsoons which we usually have while there

We had a great time, however we did not razor ride much but really enjoyed the time with my brother and Deb, already looking forward to next year!

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