Quartzsite 2017

Both our parents spent time at Quartzsite in their travelling years and we just had to go to see how much fun can be had so we took off from Chico in late December and headed South.

We stayed with the kids (Jay n Sara) in Tehachapi for several days and had a wonderful Christmas with them.  It is so nice to wake up on Christmas morning and see the Grand kids relishing the works of Santa.  To make it even more special we had about 4-5 inches of snow the night before.

And to make Christmas even more special my Daughter (Jilly) and her boyfriend (Danny) showed land and spent The day with us.  Thank you so much Jilly, it was so good to see you both!

My favorite two girls!

And the grand kids along with some friends for a sleep over, note “Mickey” had to join the party.

And of course anytime I’m in Barstow we have to visit the “Original ” and by far the best Del Taco!

After leaving Tehachapi  we headed to Barstow to visit my Mom and brother (Craig) and his family.

While in Barstow, we have to go out in the Razors, it was really cold today!
Took the Razors out to the gun range and did some night shooting.
So after New Years we made our way to Joshua Tree National park

For anyone with a large RV you may have a hard time getting a camping space.  Not only were they small but all the campsites were full mostly with tent campers.  It was somewhat embarrassing driving thru the campgrounds with the rig and everyone starring at you like, “What?”

Some very interesting Cacti in the park.

So we continued to drive thru the park and camped on BLM land on the Southern edge of the park.

After leaving Joshua Tree we headed to the great Salton Sea where we camped for $8 a night on the shores of the huge lake.  The entire story of how the lake was created and how popular it once was to how fast it is drying up and a sad future is all really amazing.

Sunset over the Salton Sea.

Neither Kay or I have ever been to this area, the Imperial Valley so we thought we would drive up to Palm Springs.  We drove around like tourists looking at all the 1950’s homes where many famous people had lived.

With so much money there are still many homeless people. And of course one of my pet peeves, (I love dogs, have a dog and would do anything for them) unless it is a service dog, does not belong in a restaurant. This dog was begging, whining and barking all during lunch! BS!
We drove up to the Palm Springs Tram which was very interesting but there was a 3 hour wait to take the tram. Looking up from the bottom you see a storm was coming in.

On the way to Yuma, we took a small detour to drive thru “Slab City”

We toured the Yuma territorial prison while in Yuma. this is the isolation cell were one would say for weeks in total darkness.

Some of the original walls and cell iron gates
Ahhh, just like hoe.

We finally arrived at our new home for the next 14 days and what a beautiful sunset with the moon arising.
We camped about 5 miles from Quartzsite in an area known as “Plamosa” There is so much open land here even with thousands of Rver’s parked all over the desert.

During our time in Quartzsite we met up with a very dear friend, Robin. Robin has a very cute little place which she uses during the winter months.
From behind, can you tell which one is Kay and which one is Robin?
Robin took us out exploring the beautiful desert and all its wonders.
We spent a day and drove up to Lake Havasu for the huge Hot Air Balloon festival, stopping along the way at Parker Dam.
Colorado River is not so big this far south.
Lake Havasu Hot Air Balloon festival.

And of course one must see the Quartzsite Hi Jolly parade.
And of course the huge rock and gem show at Quartzsite.
We met lots of really nice folks in Quartzsite so we had a little gathering at our place the night before we left.

After a really enjoyable trip we headed back to Chico where we will stay for a few months before heading out North to see my brother and sister.

2 thoughts on “Quartzsite 2017

  1. I love the pictures and some of them bring back good memories!
    I am so happy that you two are able to take these fabulous trips.
    We live in such a great country…………every part of it has something special.
    Happy travels!

    1. Thanks mom, we feel so fortunate to be able to do what our parents did, and yes, this country has so much to see. We may go 50 miles and stop for several days and still feel like we missed so many things in between.

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