Priest River

Well we finally made it to my brothers place, albeit about 30 days later than we originally planned.

Brad and his wife Jan along with Kay, Mic and their dog, Jacks
Being around Jacks (a Lhasa Apso) is a really good experience as I have never had a small dog but some day we will and it will probably be a Lhasa Apso. Not only cute but really smart plus they don’t shed a bit!
“Really Kirk, you expect me to play with this little thing?”
“ok, I guess he’s worthy”
Brad, Kay and Jacks taking a walk
Less than a block from Brad and Jan’s is beautiful open country. Priest River is an awesome place with lots of trails and waterways to get around on.
Our hike took us to where we had to climb a fence and we all “went down”
Brad’s friend’s bike, all decked out for the 4th of July.
Brad’s son Chandler’s dog, Onyx is a never-ending ball playing crazy fetcher and Mic, just wants to hold it and not play.
Brad n Kay
A day on the beach of Priest Lake. this place is more beautiful than one can imagine.
Kyle, Brads son, getting lessons on kayaking
Brad, fumbling his way forward
Chandler, Brads youngest, playing fetch with the dogs
As it turned out, Jan had severe pain in the gut for days and at 7 AM on July 4th had to go to the emergency room. After diagnosing her with a bad Gallbladder infection they transported her to Spokane by ambulance for an emergency surgery to remove the Gallbladder. Needless to say the BBQ and all got suspended.
Kyle came home and took Kay n I out to the local fire works show. We got on a bridge over the Pend Oreille River. From there you can see about 5 miles to Newport and watch their fireworks show than once that one is complete, Priest River conducts theirs.
After the Newport show, all the boats turned around and headed towards Priest River to watch that show.

and what a show it was.
Two shows for the price of none!
A new game Kyle and Chandler taught us, called “Splender”
Kyle took the day off and took Kay and I on a tour of the area including picking the cherished Huckleberry’s when you can find them. Kyle had the spot down!
Can you spot the Huckleberry’s?
On the hunt for the berry.
Ready for the freezer and just add to all kinds of deserts.
On e of our stops on the tour was a really nice resort on the shores of Priest lake.
Kay enjoying Huckleberry Ice Tea (Looking pretty!)
Nice sandy beaches
The next stop was the falls at Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars
Beautiful Cedars letting some sunshine in
A short hike up to the falls
Kyle at the falls
Kay at the falls
Look carefully, a lookout overhang above the falls
Love the sound of the water and falls
Awesome “Bachelor” pad, 3 tv’s, and an exercise machine, thanks Kyle!
Travelling down thru Idaho you see miles of rolling hills with large rolls of hay, waiting to be picked up
An engine light came on the truck so we stooped at the first town with a Ford dealer, thus having to stay in a Walmart parking lot.
We have never seen a Walmart parking lot with so many RV’s. Actually folks had chairs out, generators out and on, trucks disconnected from the rigs and even RV’s left alone all night. Here the kids are running little RC cars on the parking lot.
Heading south down Idaho you come across a overlook looking down at Lewiston. The sign reads that when automobiles came to be, the obsolete roads used by wagons were no longer needed. If you look down you can see the winding road to get to the bottom. It is about 5 times longer than the new road.
Note the road in many areas once used by wagons.
Overlooking Lewiston where two rivers meet, the Snake and the Clearwater.
All the rivers in Idaho are flowing very high and the rafters are everywhere.
So many miles of rolling hills and farm land.
Don’t know what the yellow plan it but it is sure pretty. Anyone know?
We could not get any camp spaces in McCall so about 30 miles south is Cascade lake.
We loved it so much we stayed 3 nights.
About 100 yards from the water so we were able to leave the kayaks out all night.
From the water, looking back at camp.
Can you see Kay?
Here she is.
Great kayaking along the shores full of brush and trees.
If you look carefully you will see hundreds of small fish. We were told they are small Perch.

Well it has been lots of fun for the last 7 weeks but tomorrow we will start heading home.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Priest River

  1. Thank you! I really enjoy all of the pictures of that beautiful country!
    Nice to see your family! Hope Jan is doing well.
    Cute little dog! Laurie’s dog is part laso apso…..or whatever that is, and she is a good little dog…… shedding!
    Kayaking all through that tall grass???? eek……BUGS!!
    Sounds like you’re going to have a nice trip back to this heat! Enjoy every minute…….so very happy for you two!

  2. Hello Kirk & Kay, What a Great time we all had together. All of your pictures are Awesome to enjoy. They remind me of what Jan & I joke about, ” We used to come here for a Vacation, but since we moved here, we now call it our Staycation , LOL.
    We want to thank you guys for all of your help you gave us while Jan was in the hospital, including the room at The Marriott. I Promise on your next visit we will stay away from the Hospitals. Jan has recovered very nicely and we would like to thank everyone for your Thoughts and Prayers.
    On your next visit we will make time to go 4 wheel’in and digging for giant crystals. I’m in the process of buying 2 Bee suits and that way we won’t get bitten by the Giant Bald Face Hornets. Well, you guys have a Safe & Fun time in your travels and enjoy the Wonders you will find in Americas Crossroads. We Love you Both and Jax said to give Mick a High Paw.

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