NROA Rally

The night before the rally we spent the night at Thief Valley Reservoir, only 12 miles from the rally
Only one other person stayed there so it was nice being on the water.
Everywhere we went, Mic loved running in the tall grass
We made it to “Grand Hot springs Resort” I believe there were over 70 Northwoods rigs in attendance
Exercising “Mic”
Same nest and probably the same Osprey’s as last year, along with chicks
We arrived a few days before the rally began so we took one day and went to Morgan Lake just about 15 miles from camp.
and saw this eagle……
Your’s truly
Perfect size lake to kayak the entire shoreline
Our dear friend, Fran and her grandson, Daniel
We spent another day over at the “Hot Lakes Springs” museum. Interesting place owned by a bronze sculpture artist.
A view of our camp from the deck of the Hot Springs museum.
Many different version of hot tubs here at the resort/museum
One of the larger pieces of bronze art
Some art on the wall……..
I really did not see the “Do not enter” sign but what I found was the owner, the artist, doing his latest clay/bronze sculpture
Making the clay mold to eventually make the bronze art, here is the owner of the resort and the bronze sculptor
This was taken on the last day of the official rally. The whole week was full of events and lots of fun.
Social gathering, so much food, snacks, wine, beer and so much more!
Dinner out for the last night with those that have not left yet
Northwoods BBQ and free raffle
Our dear friends, Pete, Fran and their grandson, Daniel
Every unit gets a nice gift, we scored on a zero gravity lounge chair!
In line for the BBQ
Side view of the group picture
There they are again!
And of course, another dear friend Roger (and LaDonna, not in picture)
Yours truly!
So much fun and so many great folks to share with!
After the rally, we headed to Lewiston. This road, Highway 129 was not only one of the most beautiful stretches of road we have been on but very steep both going down 20 miles and then back up the other side another 20.  Averaged about 20 miles an hour and turned off the air condition to help the engine stay cool.
Already half way down and looking down some more
Looking up, note, 2 stretches of the road……winding back and forth
another view
Our next camp in a state park in Lewiston, very nice park
Cool “Art” in Lewiston
View from the park over the Snake River
View from our camp
and yes, almost lost my second antenna. funny thing we only drove on highways and the state parks roads. The rig is just too high!

Tomorrow we head out and go to Priest River to visit my brother Brad and family.

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