Lake Powell

 Lake Powell

Our next stop was “Lone Rock” on the shores of Lake Powell about 7 miles North of Page Arizona and the Glen Canyon Dam.
Our first visitor and Kay’s new best friend.


Namesake of the location, “Lone Rock”
As we kayaked out to it, it started to look much bigger
Kayaking past “Lone Rock” and heading towards the far shore…….
takes us into many “Slot” canyon type areas
Some of the huge rocks are above ground and lake level, others in the middle of the lake are just under the water line.
Glen Canyon Dam We were surprised that the lake was not lower than it was
Looking towards the dam from the highway bridge
Looking downstream of the dam
One of the really cool highlights was to see “Horseshoe Bend” which is about 5 miles south of Page and the dam. It’s about a 3/4 mile hike to the cliff but worth every minute of it.
And this is what you see once you arrive. A huge storm was coming in (see the left valley) so Kay stayed behind as she is terrified of lightening. The storm came along with huge hail and lightening so I just about ran down and back up, staying only minutes on the edge.
Here is a picture to the left (downstream) of the horseshoe bend. Notice the storm moving in
Picture of the right side, (upstream) of the bend
Here is directly looking over the edge below. No fences. My foot about 1 foot from edge and holding out my hand to get picture.
But this is the whole thing…..AWESOME!!
People stretched for hundreds of yards taking in different views. I must say this was Memorial day weekend
I wonder how many go over the edge????
The trail back up and over to the parking lot
and back down to the parking lot
and there’s Kay!
A very delicious and authentic Mexican restrauant with excellent Margritas! After the short hike and breathtaking views
A very delicious and authentic Mexican restaurant with excellent Margaritas! After the short hike and breathtaking views it was very refreshing. And yes, it was packed when we arrived.
A view of the campers on the beach with a storm overhead When these storms come in, almost daily for several hours, they come quick. The sand blows so bad we have to go in the RV. Once we got to the Grand Canyon we spent 3 hours “de-sanding”
This one showing “Lone Rock” The sand is so soft and so many folks got stuck in the sand, even without towing a big rig


Several campers told us of “the dune”so we had to go. As it turned out it was a 9 mile round trip by kayak. Lake Powell is huge, over 130 miles long. Often the wind comes up, very quickly.

On our way in the wind started to blow. We stayed just a short time in hopes to beat the wind. no luck. We went around the first rock (corner) and the wind blew us back to the shore. Luckily for the tong trip I brought my trolling motor.
Like the people running down the hill, we to started rowing the kayaks along with the trolling motor to get back.
The dune was a pretty site but the trip back seriously scared us both. I have no pictures as we had to button everything down. This is the first time every that I wore my life jacket on the kayak. The side winds hit us with nearly 3 ft. waves for miles, soaking us. I had the trolling motor on and tied Kay’s kayak to mine to tow her. Throw in the huge “cigarette” boats speeding by and it made for a harrowing trip. We both thanked God for our safe return.
Picture of the beach from my kayak on Labor Day morning before all the campers start heading out
It will be so peaceful tonight and we will leave tomorrow
Beautiful place, we will be back
Overall the weather has been great. This is our last sundown before we left the next morning.
Our camp. What do they say about property, Location, location, location. People will move right in on top of you. We went to town in the truck and the neighbors stopped someone from pitching a tent in that location.i
Good-bye moon
We will be packing today and heading to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

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