January 2018

Today (1/3/18) we are heading South once again, Tehachapi, Barstow and then Quartsite.  We had a great time last year in Quartsite so thought we would go again this year.  We will stop in tehachapi to see the kids and then in Barstow to see my family tghen on down to Quartsite.  We have been home for about 3 months and are excited to get on the road again.

When travelling, I use a heat gun to check the temperature of the tires on both the truck and RV. About 50 miles north of Bakersfield we pulled into a rest stop on a raining day. I found that one rear tire on the RV was about 25 degrees hotter than all the others. After further inspection we noticed it looked more like a balloon. Not wanting to change it in the rain, I foolishly drove very slowly and cautiously the 50 miles to Bakersfied to a tire shop. the gentleman said, “wow, you have a split tire” meaning the metal belts in the tires came apart and that I was lucky to make it anywhere. So we changed all 4 tires to “G” rated, 14 ply tires at a cost of a little over $800. We got about three years from the originals and they looked good but the weight took its toll.
Once we arrived in Barstow we headed down to my daughters place in Long Beach and went to Venice Beach and walked along the beach front.
My “2” girls!
and eating……
After a few days in Barstow we headed to the Salton Sea. Last year we stayed on the East side, this year we stayed on the West side. Here is what we woke up too…..
The are was once a very popular tourist attraction with promises of longevity. Both our parents had property down here way back when. This is a old RV park that is just free dry camping today.
One of the many small resort signs to what was once a really nice place.
Land is still cheap!
You can see the residential water front lots via canals. Now the lake has lowered so much you can see it in the background.
This is what is shown on my truck GPS, of course now the blue water lines is just big empty holes.
Miles of shoreline


We took a trip to Borrego Springs and Anza-Boreggo State park. This area only 25 miles from the sad Salton sea area.
Outside of Boreggo Springs and next to the park are all these metal sculptures in an area known as Galleta Meadows-Sky Art.
The sculptures, probably about 100 of them are scattered in the outskirts of Boreggo Springs.
One of my favorites
So much detail for metal work, look at all the hair!
“It’s alive!”
The scorpion has a pinch on me.

The visitor center is really nice, both inside and outside.

Tomorrow we head to Quartsite….the cell service is terrible there so we will see how it goes……

More to come!

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