First Destination – Boise

Our first night out we stayed next to Cabela’s in Reno which is always nice.

Our 2nd night we parked along 95 in Southeastern Oregon, finally the feel of being back on the road, doing what we want, when we want, why we want and for as long as we like. LIFE IS GOOD!
Just like my father, I would have be interested in purchasing this “GEM”
Yea, a little work. But a really nice area, Jordan Valley, Or.
The beautiful Snake River
We finally got to Boise and all set up. Had to stay in a park as no close BLM land to park.
My sis and Emma. It just so happened that my sister’s youngest, Emma was graduating from High School and was having a party at the park.  We were lucky to be here this week as most of Julie’s kids were in town for Emma’s Graduation.
It has been years, like 17 since I have seen Emma’s father, Ken, nice to see you buddy!
Party Time!
Brian, my sister’s 2nd oldest, brought his pedicab.

Julie, Kay and I, getting a pedicab ride!
A little get together at my sister’s with the kids and their significant others.
Back at camp. our neighbor had 2 Peregrine Falcons . Had a very interesting conversation with him, guess how fast they can dive for a kill?
230 MPH! Wow. Note the two little holes on his yellow beak, they allow the falcon to breathe at the high speeds during a dive, works something like a venturi tube as it was explained to us.
While looking for some BLM land to park on, we had a gorgeous view overlooking Boise.
Boise is a really gorgeous city with many really nice parks.
Some quality time with my sis and the kids!
So much water from a very wet year in Idaho (and most other Western states) that the lakes are full and the rivers are in flood stage. This is the emergency spillway from “Lucky Peak” going into the Boise River.
Lucky Peak dam and a really nice beach and park below it.
The dam above Lucky Peak (ArrowRock Lake) was also in flood control mode, both power plant and overflow.
Pictures do not do it justice!
We moved out of Boise but wanted to stay close enough to visit my sister so this is our next camp at Lucky Peak. (Free camping)
Our view from camp
Enjoying mountain BBQ breakfast, the best!
Evidence of some nightly visitors, raccoons.
Geese and their babies on the Boise river
Before heading out to tour around beautiful Idaho, Julie’s daughter Kailee and her boyfriend Chandler wanted to do some rock climbing. Here is Kailee on the rock, Chandler on the left giving moral support and Caleb holding the rope.
We had a short hike to the cliffs so the dog (Mick) had to find a cool place to sit and relax.
I soon joined him.
and what a view
Mick even thought so
and yes, I had to try it, I made about 8 feet!
and my sis got about 25 feet, congratulations kiddo!
Julie and all the kids came out for a BBQ the night before we left and we all had a wonderful time.  The next day Kay and I started touring around Idaho before heading to Oregon.

On to the next Post, Touring Central Idaho

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  1. Wow Dad, looks like you guys are having a blast, and Idaho looks absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE that photo of you with Mickey and the binoculars, so you!! Miss you and love you guys xoxoxo.

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