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My Shop

We love travelling but we also love to stay home.  I have always enjoyed woodworking but have not had time to do much.  As my retirement date was approaching, Kay suggested I update my shop from  the old floor less mess it was.  Maybe she just wanted to be sure when I retire that I did not stay in the house and bug her, but either way, it was a great idea.  We gutted the shop, poured a new cement floor, added a 100 amp sub panel and rewired the entire garage in preparation to handle various power tools.

Over the last two years I have been purchasing some tools and building up my shop arsenal and this process continues to evolve.  So come along and see the progress and some of the projects, although I’m starting off simple, each project I learn from.

More to follow…..

Bathroom Remodel

When I purchased this old house many years ago I remodeled most of it with the intention to do the bathroom last, well we are finally getting it done.  I originally planned on doing it myself but changed my mind.  We met a gentleman at Lowe’s last winter and started working up plans.  His name is Ed and owns his own remodel business call “Barefoot Renovations”




And now the tear out……

Dated wallpaper behind the mirror


20160720_10320820160720_103150(1) 20160718_182135

And now the shopping……

Looking for a mirror......
Shopping for a mirror……

Actually we did lots and lots of shopping and comparing items, looks and costs.  In fact we could not find a vanity we liked so Ed “Antiqued” our orginal and we love it!

Future recessed shelves in the shower
We knew in order to have a “Walk in” shower it would be tight. Here I’m checking out the most important seat in the house, tight, but doable.


More to come as it happens.