About Kay and Kirk


After living on earth for 50 plus years, Kay and I met and there was no turning back.  We found that we both had many of the same interests including the outdoors, travelling and basically relax and enjoy life.

Both our parents traveled extensively when they retired and so it just happened that is exactly what we wanted to do.

To prep for the upcoming retirement back in 2012 we purchased a new 2012 F-250 with the 6.7 diesel engine.  We had a 24′ Nash 5th wheel.  We like to kayak and to carry kayaks with a 5th wheel takes some thought.  Thus I created the over the front rack to hold the kayaks and I had a dear friend help me put it together.  We put in an additional tool box/40 gallon fuel tank to reduce the time spent searching for fuel and to ensure crossings of the many long isolated roads which we plan on driving.

In January of 2015 we ordered our current 2016 Arctic Fox 27-5L 5th wheel.  We picked it up in July of 2015.

So on April 15th, 2016 I finally retired from my second career and a week later we hit the road on our “maiden” voyage.  When asked where we were going the only plan was to go to Barstow, yes Barstow to spend some time with my mom.  After that we really did not have any plans and this is how it started.